Why I don’t like the new 4G iPhone

June 20, 2010 1 comment


So you guys heard? The new iPhone is here. It’s Called 4G iPhone. Definitely it is an very good improvement over the last iPhone (iPhone 3GS) that came out. Since the launch, apple – iPhone is at the tip0 of their tounges. But wait? Why doesn’t Steve Jobs skip past the negatives or provide kiddy answers to some questions?

Launch failure !

At first let’s start off with the launch. A mega event with thousands of people.

Steve Jobs presenting 4G iPhone :Is he serious?

The event was well covered by the press so naturally there were huge number of Wi-Fi stations. When the iPhone couldn’t connect to any W-Fi access points because there were so many Steve Jobs asked the audience to switch off their notebooks and shutdown Wi-Fi base stations. But lets get this scenario, where you want to use your shiny 4G iPhone in an airport where there is more interference than 572 Wi-Fi base stations. My question to Apple is whether you guys have tested that kind of scenarios. The second incident is when iPhone refused to connect to the service provider. So it means that when there is a lot of interference iPhone is a sitting duck.

About FaceTime


Apple FaceTime is the 4G iPhone’s new video calling software. Yeah it does bring loved ones to your home. But what’s the point if it only operates on Wi-Fi. Maybe Apple has designed the phone for a futuristic movie. I mean seriously when is the last time you got a Wi-Fi signal when you were in a bus. Even the “FaeTime” froze in the demo launch. The new FaceTime feature could only be used in limited places (where there’s an access point).


The “Beautiful” glass covering


Yes yes that could have been your 4G iPhone. The iPhone is a beautiful phone without a doubt. But that’s what could happen and the beauty becomes a useless beast. The iPhone’s glass is covered by Alumino Silicate glass which is the type in high speed trains and said to be 30times tougher than plastic. But after 3 drops at 3.5 feet above is the result. By no means I wouldn’t question Apple’s design decision; but it’s up to the consumer to decide whether he could protect a phone from ever dropping in it’s life time.  The result looks just like a damaged windscreen. The replacement screen from Apple would burn a hole in your pocket. If there was minor damage we could have used the phone; but here in this case it is frankly unusable.

Flash is non-existent


Those of you buying an 4G iPhone surely would visit web sites with Flash. But sadly iPhone not only it doesn’t support Flash it constrains developers to come up with an alternative too. Flash is still going strong. And let’s say there is a Youtube client, but that’s only 40% of the web’s videos. Hulu is designed in Flash in mind.Just because iPhone doesn’t use Flash content can’t change to apple’s format. Apple’s  alternative to Flash is HTML5. But let me ask you a question? What is more easy to draw a square for Web 2.0 media content.

Drawing it visually in Adobe Flash Suite


function draw_b() {
  var b_canvas = document.getElementById("b");
  var b_context = b_canvas.getContext("2d");
  b_context.fillRect(50, 25, 150, 100);

That’s what you get when you view Flash content in all iPhones.

So there now you would think twice before buying a 4G iPhone. Just because it’s shiny and Steve Jobs tell fairy tales of it you shouldn’t buy it.


FREE! Apps I use everyday..

June 6, 2010 3 comments

Everybody likes free stuff isn’t it? There are a few stuff that is a normal routine to a computer user these days. Such as blogging, downloading, reading eBooks etc. Well there are zillions of free applications out there that could serve those needs. After some usage I’ve settled for these apps for the daily things I do. And the most important two things are it must be free and the user experience shouldn’t be compromised. I wouldn’t go into a browser war or talking about Premium products but tell you guys about these apps I am comfortable with. It’s up to you guys to add more apps I have missed, comment for or against the apps here. So let’s get into the apps..

Downloading – JDownloader (Download Now!)


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Google mapping with Flex

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This Month’s Tech Showcase

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Installing Fedora 12(virtual box)

February 9, 2010 6 comments

Now, If you are an IT student the study of a Linux operating system is essential. then there are plenty of open source operating systems available to download. for example





puppy Linux etc…..

but installing these operating systems in your computer can be a pain, so you can use a virtual machine. A virtual machine will create a virtual environment that will allow you to install an operating system within an operating system. this means that if some thing goes wrong with your Linux operating system, your main operating system will not be effected.

In this post, I am going to show you how to install Fedora 12 inside virtualbox (which is a free desktop virtualization program). (This post contains almost all the dialogs and windows that you will see during the installation).

so lets start…

1. first you will need 2 things

a. The fedora operating system

b. The virtualbox software

so go to

http://fedoraproject.org/ (download fedora 12 from this site)

http://www.virtualbox.org/ (download virtualbox from here)

2. Double click the virtualbox setup file and install it.

After installing it, a new virtual machine should be  created. this is how to do it.

3. click New to create a new virtual machine.


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Installing SVN (Tortoise svn)

January 31, 2010 2 comments

Hi, Today I’m going to install Tortoise SVN, Tortoisesvn  is a SVN client software. You can use it to upload software projects, version controlling.

With this you can have many group members working at home and uploading code in to one common location. In other words, every one can work at home 😀

1. first go to google and search for tortoise svn and click on the link.


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Ant: You are not small!

January 30, 2010 2 comments

Long ago while i was learning the reins of Java development it was all about the simple Notepad and the humble Command Line. Being a newbie to programming we were told that using an Integrated Development Environment would make us dumb programmers. So the edit-compile-run routine was followed for quite a long while. While this was going on I was starting on more advanced examples where you needed to have a well defined package hierarchy and a significant number of source files.

Compiling and running those files were becoming quite a headache to me. To make problems worse additions of external libraries made edit-compile-run routine a nightmare. I was typing the same bunch of commands to compile and run again and again. The solutions to all my problems was ANT (not the insect).ANT is a build tool for Java projects; it makes a bunch of source files to a running project.

“Who uses notepad, I’ve  got an IDE. I don’t need your ANT”

I too had this thought earlier. But two incidents which are noteworthy changed my perception to learn ANT. While we were doing our university project we had a version control for our project.Every morning we used to get and update from the repository.But one morning the project couldn’t be run. Examining the problem we found out that the there was a conflict in the build.xml file. It being the file that NetBeans uses to compile-run the project our project was brought to its knees.Not knowing build.xml syntax which is the build script,  we were forced to get a previous version of a project.

Other reason to know ANT is that it assures  that your project will be in a ready to run state irrespective of the IDE you will be using.

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